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Baking Soda: Whiten Teeth The Natural Way

Will baking soda whiten teeth? You have probably seen the logos on many toothpastes, such as Crest or Aquafresh that read “now with baking soda” or something along those lines. You can rest assured that baking soda whiten teeth products must work, at least to some degree. Multimillion dollar corporations won’t spend millions of dollars on advertising, millions of dollars on research and millions of dollars on unnecessary ingredients. Will baking soda whiten teeth? Yes, but sometimes it can use a little help.

Baking soda whiten teeth products may actually be best served as maintenance products following another, more efficient method of teeth whitening, such as bleaching using hydrogen peroxide. The nice thing about baking soda is that it is natural. Even if it doesn’t work as well or as quickly as you may like, it isn’t going to harm you…plus it is very inexpensive to use. Not many products are as cheap as baking soda. Whiten teeth with products that have baking soda added to them, or try making your own toothpaste out of baking soda. Whiten teeth with this simple recipe:

Three parts baking soda (whiten teeth agent)
1 part salt (an abrasive to help scrape away stains and plaque)
add a touch of glycerin
add a drop or two of your favorite flavoring, such as peppermint oil or cinnamon
You can substitute peroxide for glycerin or simply use water. Whatever you would like to add that will make the substance “pasty” will be fine. The main ingredient is the baking soda. Whiten teeth by brushing two or three times a day with this cheap, homemade paste.

As mentioned above, these products are good for maintenance. If you have already had your teeth professionally whitened, think about using baking soda. Whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide gels or by going to a whitening professional. Help to keep them white using baking soda. Whiten teeth with a laser treatment, which is very expensive. Offset the cost by keeping them white with inexpensive baking soda.

If you intend to use baking soda as your main method of whitening teeth, be prepared to be very patient. While it serves as a stain lifter, it is not as efficient as other products and can take quite a lot longer to see visible results. Some stains are simply too stubborn for baking soda whiten teeth solutions and need to be addressed by a more powerful active ingredient, such as carbamide peroxide. Don’t be afraid to try baking soda first, but don’t be surprised if your teeth look fairly similar after two weeks of brushing with it.

Overall, baking soda makes a great maintenance product once the hard stains of years of coffee drinking or smoking have been lifted. The minor, temporary staining that occur after a professional whitening are within the power of baking soda. Whiten teeth any way you like, but strongly consider the natural, gentle power of baking soda to keep your smile bright for years after having your teeth bleached, lightened or whitened.


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