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Whiten Teeth Naturally

Many people these days, with the advent of more eco-friendly ideas, are also choosing to whiten teeth naturally instead of paying for chemical treatments provided by their dentist or purchased over the counter. If you are one of the people who elect to whiten teeth naturally, you are in luck, because there are countless ways for people to lighten the shades of their teeth using natural methods.

One of the most popular ways to whiten teeth naturally involves baking soda and peroxide. If you look at your area supermarket or drugstore, you will likely see that there are many regular toothpaste products that include baking soda or peroxide in order to whiten teeth naturally. You can rest assured that these multi-million dollar companies are not including these ingredients in their toothpastes unless they work to some degree. Countless hours of research are put into these products, assuring that you can whiten teeth naturally with baking soda and peroxide, both.

You can make a very simple paste out of baking soda if you want to whiten teeth naturally without purchasing a paste filled with other, unnatural chemicals. For this paste use:

Three parts baking soda (This is the active ingredient)
One part salt (Salt works as an abrasive to better clean your teeth. It can whisk away particles better than baking soda alone.)
Flavoring (You can probably find peppermint oil the easiest, but almost anything will work to make this taste better. Try cinnamon.)
Glycerin (Add enough to make the paste as “pasty” as you want.)
Some people add a touch of standard hydrogen peroxide to this mix, also, for the best way to whiten teeth naturally.

Other ways to whiten teeth naturally include both strawberries and lemons. Both of these methods are marginally effective, cheap, and taste a lot better than some of the other ways to whiten teeth naturally that will soon be discussed. Unfortunately, these agents are acidic and work to whiten teeth naturally by leeching calcium from the teeth. This is not such a good thing, but a dietary supplement can help.

Two questionable ways to whiten teeth naturally involve very foul tastes. Hardwood ash will offer a brighter, lighter smile. However, you are going to have to do a lot of work to make a paste of hardwood ash taste good enough to use. The secret ingredient isn’t very secretive. It’s real, dirty ashes from a fire. The second way to whiten teeth naturally that you can use at your own discretion is the bark from a walnut tree. Rubbing the bark on minor stains can remove those stains and whiten teeth naturally, but again, this is bark does not offer a very pleasing taste, nor is rubbing bark on your teeth very convenient. It is actually easier to make a paste from the wood ash.

Overall, the best method to whiten teeth naturally involves baking soda and peroxide, and it can also include a diet void of staining agents, such as coffee, red wines, or hot and cold foods. Avoiding smoking or other tobacco products will also keep stains out of your mouth and keep your smile at its brightest.


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